Earth Spirituality

Earth Spirituality is the indigenous spirituality and culture of the people and the land and has existed as a way of life around the world since ancient times.

We believe that the calling to Spirituality is unique to the individual and comes from a personal connection to the Divine within and around us in nature and all living things.

Our inclusive philosophy welcomes people from all walks of life regardless of belief, faith or creed to take part in our celebrations, events and gatherings.

We practice and encourage a reverent human spiritual connection to nature and the land and to the Divine within and all around us in nature, Mother Earth and all living things, our guiding principles form a path to inner peace and a harmonius way of life for conscious living in a modern world.

We practice, encourage & facilitate the connection of indigenous Spiritual and cultural practices of land in furtherance of our goals including handcrafts, music & the creative arts.

Our sacred knowledge and wisdom teachings provide a path to inner peace, health and happiness for daily living in a modern world.

At the core of our philosophy is kindness.

If we can improve the quality of life for others we really can help to improve the health & happiness of those who are seeking to live a spiritual life.

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