The Earth Spiritualist tradition has been part of daily life for humans since ancient times.

70,000 years ago : Ancient Australia

5,000 years ago : Vedic India

3,000 years ago : Celtic Spirituality

1,300 years ago : Tibetan Buddhism

Modern times :  A blend of Eastern and Western Spiritual traditions, without extreme beliefs or practices, without control.  Honoring the Self, your Spirituality and your connection to nature, the Earth and all living things.

With the onset of rapid urbanisation, communities are disintegrating at a alarming pace.  Mental illness and stress related dis-ease is at al all-time high.  The need for grounding and connection to nature for health & wellbeing is just as important to us now as it was for our ancestors over 70,000 years ago.

Our role in the modern world is to encourage the importance of developing a Spiritual practice for daily life, through the teachings of our beliefs and core principles.

Our Six Principles of Daily LIfe program is a personal and Spiritual development path to inner peace, happiness, health & wellbeing.  Our teachings are available to all with a desire to study, in no particular sequence, as and when you are drawn to.

Showing you how to re-connect to your Soul, to nature and the earth around you, and live a happy and fulfilling life through the faith of your choosing.

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