About Us

Earth Spiritualist Foundation is established for the advancement of our Philosophy and Spiritual practice as a path to the Divine within and around us in nature, the earth and all living things.  

Founded many years ago and incorporated as a non-profit entity in 2017, we are a non-denominational Religious body in the Republic of Ireland.   With our roots in Celtic Christianity, our inclusive, non-dogmatic philosophy is founded on community kindness, spiritual principles and a reverent human spiritual connection to nature, Mother Earth and all living things. 

We welcome those from all walks of life to follow our wisdom teachings and take part in our celebrations and events.   We recognise that we are all Spiritual beings with equal rights to freedom of choice and freedom of belief and all the rights given to us by the creator on the day we were born..

Our Holistic Ministers are inspiring teachers, spiritual counsellors, healers and community care advocates who have joined us from all walks of life.  Their common goal and driving force is a desire to make a difference in their local community by helping & inspiring others with kindness, inspiring others to lead a spiritual way of life for health, happiness & wellbeing.

Our Spiritual centres provide a place for meditation, reflection, spiritual practice and a range of inspiring educational events and activities to encourage personal & spiritual growth .   Our Ministers are not required to wear vestments or robes, but may wear a stole while conducting ceremonies if they wish.

Our retreat centre will provide holistic & spiritual retreats for the benefit of those in need.

Summer solstice 2017 community event at our Hill of Tara, Co.Meath
as part of the national summer solstice celebrations.
Opening and closing ceremony conducted by our Minister Sharon Q.

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