Family ceremonies to celebrate all of life’s sacred moments.

In ancient history, community elders have conducted sacred ceremonies ever since time began.  The reason for sacred ceremonies was not only to honour a special occasion but also to bring good fortune and a spiritual blessing of some kind to somebody, somewhere in some way. 

In many “Western” societies around the world ceremonies have changed greatly but what has remained true is the reason for ceremony  & celebration. 

Wedding, Funeral & Other Ceremonies

Our interfaith Officiants & Ministers conduct unique & meaningful, inclusive non-denominational ceremonies for people of all beliefs (and none) to celebrate all of life’s milestones and sacred moments.   Each ceremony our Ministers & Officiants create & conduct is as unique as  you are, with one thing in common, each ceremony must include at least one ceremony idea of your choice to make the ceremony meaningful & special to you. 

Our Ministers are not required to wear vestments or robes.  They are not required to wear a stole while conducting ceremonies, although if you have spiritual and/or religious beliefs you can request your Minister or Officiant to wear a stole, if it will make your ceremony more special and meaningful to you,.   Please don’t hesitate to ask.

Our ceremonies include:

  • Cultural celebrations
  • Weddings
  • Elopement Wedding Ceremony (Legal or Non-legal)
  • Vow Renewal Ceremony
  • Handfasting Ceremony
  • Funerals & Memorial
  • Renewal of Vows
  • Baby Naming

Legal Marriages

All of our Ministers & Officiants are also registered solemnisers which means they are duly authorised to conduct legal marriages in the Republic of Ireland.


Our Earth Spiritualist Centre in Cork City is a HSE approved venue for marriage ceremonies, and is suitable for those who would like a unique & personalised ceremony for 12 people or less (extra people can be standing) and can be setup beautifully with chairs with an all-inclusive decor package.

Important Note:  Our Earth Spiritualist Centre is a shoe-free zone, this is necessary for hygiene reasons as we also use the space for activities such as meditation, yoga and holistic therapies.  If this bothers you at all, your micro-wedding can be held at a venue of your choice, including the decor options below. 

Please see our Where to Find Us page for more details.

For ceremony inquiries please call us on 085 831 3437


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