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Does Your Path to Holistic Ministry Begin Here?

The consciousness of the world is forever evolving.  People are facing the challenges of modern life in many ways.   Caring individuals with a desire to serve in their community are a blessing to those they serve.

Our Holistic Ministry is a living embodiment of the Spiritual Laws manifested from the Divine source.  The fundamental law is Kindness.  What it means to be a conscious being is a fascinating subject with many diverse pathways and callings to follow.

There has never been a better time like the present to commence a rewarding study path and journey to inner peace tranquility and a rewarding life helping others.   Or perhaps for your own personal development, or to assist family & friends on their journey through life.  This is Holistic Ministry.

If you are already on a spiritual path, and you feel the calling to Holistic Ministry, we have two study pathways, with both leading to ordination either as a Holistic Celebrant or Holistic Minister.

Holistic Ministry

National Summer Solstice Ceremony at Hill of Tara June 21st 2017.  Opening & closing ceremonies conducted by our Founder & President, Minister Sharon Q.

Our Holistic Ministers are modern Spiritual teachers and healers, musicians and creatives, called to us from all walks of life, who thrive on serving in their community.

With a diverse range of experience across all of the caring and helping professions including teachers, ex-pastors and theologians, natural & holistic therapists, nurses and social care professionals, meditation, mindfulness and yoga teachers and more.

What they all share is a reverent spiritual connection to nature, the Earth, Irish culture and traditions and a calling to teach and/or otherwise work in service for their community.   Our Ministers are also also Celebrants of Life ceremonies.

Our Ministers are not required to wear vestments or robes unless they wish to, for example special celebrations and/or official occasions, or by request from those they work with.

Lay Celebrancy

Our Celebrants are respected members of their local community, who do much more than conduct beautiful ceremonies.  Through the kindness of their hearts they also give their time to assist as volunteers with community projects of their own choosing – and sometimes of their own creation.

Our Celebrants conduct a range of inclusive and non-denominational ceremonies for people of all faiths or none, to commemorate all of life’s sacred moments including marriages, wedding blessings, baby naming, funeral and memorial service, along with cultural events at certain times of the year..

Our Ministers & Celebrants work in their community however they are called to serve, in any way they choose.   Their roles may include (but not limited to)

  • Teaching Inner Self Meditation (ISM)© for stress reduction, health & wellbeing.
  • Spiritual healing, energy healing, and any recognised natural therapy*.
  • Life coach ministry – inspiring positive change and personal development
  • Facilitating inspiring study groups to teach our 6 Principles of Daily Life as a personal & spiritual development path to inner peace
  • Natural therapies and/or spiritual teachings of their own expertise & choosing
  • Teaching the spirituality of Yoga and Naturality, the Spirituality of nature
  • Facilitation of inspiring mens or womens circles, to inspire participants with the confidence to believe in themselves and achieve their goals & dreams.
  • Spiritual & Holstic Retreats throughout the year
  • Working on our Community Kindness projects as a team or projects of their own creation, with our support.
  • Volunteering in their local community however they wish, and more.

Our Spirituality Centre

Our head office and meeting place is our Spirituality Centre located in the heart of Cork City.     There we hold regular events and classes, including meditation for stress reduction, personal & spiritual development, 6 principles of daily life, Yoga, Laughter Yoga, Sound Healing and more – and of course marriage ceremonies now and then for couples who are seeking a Spiritual alternative to the Registry Office.
Our Spirituality Centre is run by our Minister Sharon Quigley, for inquiries please contact 085 831 3437.

Holistic Ministry & Celebrancy Training

We have several pathways of study for those who are called to join us in the work we do.  For more information please see our  “Vocation” page.

We welcome applications from those from all cultural diversity without discrimination.