Dowsing Earth Energies

I’ve been receiving a lot of inquiries about dowsing lately, including from those who are sceptical of it’s accuracy & reliability.

My advice is that the accuracy & reliability of dowsing rods is directly proportionate to the integrity of the person using them as the mind can most definitely influence their movement.   Dowsing rods are most reliable when a) the answer isn’t already known by the dowser and b) the dowser has no conflict of interest with the answer.

I have a buddy in Australia a well known dowser, who can tell you where to drill a well and how deep, by divining with rods and he’s always right. I had to get a well drilled here in Ireland when the old well ran dry, and I got the local farmer recommended by neighbours, who arrived with his Y shaped stick as his dowsing rod and located two possible places to drill and also told me which of the two would be better than the other.

I had also sent a map of the property a few days previously to my buddy in Australia who found exactly the same two locations and also provided the flow rates in litres per minute for each location which matched what the local farmer had told me. I showed the farmer my friends map afterwards and he was totally shocked that my friend in Australia found the same information.

It was 2 acres of land so the water could have been anywhere.  I had the well drilled at the best of the two locations and the flow rate was exactly what my buddy in Australia had stated.

Our next dowsing workshop is first weekend in July in North Co.Cork with Master Dowser Alanna Moore from Australia.  For details see

Minister Sharon Q.