Learn to Meditate

What is Meditation?

Meditation is the act of bringing the attention of the mind into the present moment and into a state of deep relaxation to dis-engage the natural stress “fight or flight” response.  Unknown to the individual, the natural stress response can remain engaged in the subconscious mind and physical body long after a stressful event or hectic time has passed. 

Many scientific studies have shown that the cumulative effects of prolonged stress in the mind and body can lead to chronic illness and dis-ease if not regularly released.   Meditation is one of the simplest and most effective natural method to release cumulative effects of stress from the body and mind in order to maintain a state of inner health and happiness.

If meditation is practised effectively with correct techniques, it will reduce and eliminate stress from your life, allowing you to make decisions, focus on your tasks to complete them easily, and begin your path to inner peace, health and happiness in all that you do.

Our meditation short course teaches you how to develop the meditation response easily and naturally, which will allow you to easily deal with any situation with ease.  You will learn everything you need to know to call on your meditation response at will, so you can use meditation techniques throughout your daily life for happiness, health and longevity.

COVID-19 UPDATE:  Our Wednesday night meditation classes are migrating to Zoom!

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