Our Mission

Our Mission is to assist those who are seeking to reconnect to their Divine source, Inner Self and to nature, the earth and the world around us as path to a inner peace, harmony, happiness & longevity.

We achieve this through the practice & teachings of Meditation along with Our 6 Principles of Daily Life as a path to Personal & Spiritual development and inner peace.  For those who are seeking to reduce stress and life a happy and joyful life, with meaning and purpose.

Some of our Ministers  hold regular spiritual service in their local areas.

With true respect for our cultural heritage, we also practice & promote aspects of traditional & natural medicine, but only that which is 100% safe – provided to us by the Divine source.

Some of our Ministers are also qualified practitioners of natural medicine.

Kindness and our 6 principles of daily life are at the heart of all that we do.

Community Projects

Our Ministers and Officiants volunteer in community projects of their own choice throughout the year.  Many of our Ministers also have their own community projects, including:

Wellbeing in the Park Cork City – A one day yoga & wellbeing festival in Cork City to raise funds for Cork’s homeless food kitchen Cork Penny Dinners, founded and directed by one of our Ministers..

Craft 4 Kindness– Free knitting paterns created by one of our Ministers for knitters in the community who wish to knit hats and other winter items for the homeless and give to Cork’s homeless food kitchen Cork Penny Dinners for distribution, or for a charity of their choice.

Spirituality Centre

Our head office and spirituality centre is located in Cork City where you will find an inspiring range of classes and workshops for the teachings and practice of our spiritual philosophy, including meditation for stress reduction and our 6 principles of daily life as a path to inner peace..  We encourage our Ministers to establish spiritual centres in their local areas for the benefit of the community.

Spiritual & Holistic Retreats

We are also establishing a spiritual & holistic retreat centre to provide regular retreats for the benefit of those in recovery from stress related illness along with many other community programs for health and wellbeing.    Each marriage ceremony conducted by our Ministers & Officiants includes a €50 contribution towards our community projects & retreats for those in need.

No matter if you would like to learn how to meditate like a guru for stress reduction, or learn more about spirituality through our 6 principles of daily life, our Ministers have a class or course to suit you.

Non-Denominational Ceremonies

Our Holistic Ministers and Officiants conduct non-denominational ceremonies of all kinds and styles as requested by members of the community.  Non-religious, spiritual, mixed faith or religious cermeonies to suit the requirements of the community.

Please see our “Ceremonies” page for more information.

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