Our Purpose

Our role in the community is as follows:

(a) To engage in, promote and encouragement of the Earth Spiritualist tradition in Ireland for the benefit of the community and surrounding areas. This will be achieved through the activities of our suitably trained & authorised members including:
(i) The practice and teachings of meditation and Spiritual practice, Spiritual healing, Natural remedies and all other aspects of holistic and Spiritual enlightenment;
(ii) To facilitate the personal and Spiritual development of members through the study of The Six Principles of Daily Life as a path to inner peace;
(iii) To engage in and promote kindness, respect and a harmonious co-existence between nature, the Earth, and all living beings.
(iv) To engage in ceremonial activities as requested by members and interested members of the public;
(v) To welcome those from all faiths or none whose beliefs are also based on kindness
(vi) To support charitable, educational and cultural projects in Ireland;

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