The Benefits of Earthing to Mind, Body & Spirit

A timely reminder – remember what you already know,
“Earthing” is nature’s way to reset your body’s energy and electrical system.
It can even remove aches and pains from the body caused by spending too much time inside the house around electrical wiring and devices, which can cause imbalance in our body’s own electrical and energy system if we don’t balance it with spending time outdoors.

Here’s how it’s done:

  • You don’t need to go to the forest or the beach, you don’t need to stand on the soil if its not comfortable at this time of year.standing barefoot on concrete path in the warm sun, is enough.
  • Connect to the earth in your mind and meditate for even just a few slow gentle breaths.
  • With each breath you take, feel the earth’s energy recharging your body systems as it flows in through the soles of your feet and travels through every muscle, every fibre, and every cell of your being.

Even just a small length of time, you will see the benefits in your body, mind and spirit if this is done daily.
Of course not to mention the Vitamin D we all need.

Enjoy the sunshine
& celebrate the season.

Note:  I will update this page soon with some references to scientific studies which prove the benefits of earthing.  I know they exist, as I’ve read them.  Now I’ve just got to find them again.  But first, I’m just going outside for a bit ..

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