Why Are Marriages Restricted During the Pandemic?

The pandemic is a serious issue.  Although Covid-19 (SARS-Cov2) has flu-like symptoms, it not an influenza virus.  It is from a different family of viruses all together and is a highly contagious virus which can cause death in some people who have underlying health conditions.   There may be some good news on the horizon.  Many scientists and doctors believe that the TB vaccine BCG may provide protection against Covid-19 and at present there are clinical trials are underway in Australia with 2,000 frontline workers across 3 hospitals taking part in the trials.

The current pandemic restrictions are in place to protect the public from the threat of this serious virus currently in our environment.

During the Pandemic Lockdown Period

Marriage ceremonies can only take place if they meet the most recent Government measures to stop the spread of COVID 19.  Government measures are updated regularly and it is important to keep up to date with this information.

During the current pandemic lockdown period marriage can generally only take place in  the case of terminal illness of the bride or groom.  For all other reasons, the marriage must be conducted in a venue open to the public for the marriage to proceed.  The guidance for pandemic restrictions may also change on a daily and weekly basis.   So it is not possible to make marriage plans any further into the future than the current period of pandemic restrictions.

The current pandemic exit roadmap gives July 20th as the date where small weddings will be permitted.  As yet we don’t know what the definition of a small wedding is, and we won’t know until July 20th when the Covid19 risk can be identified at that time.

Please consult your registered solemniser for the latest guidance and information on legal marriages during this current time.  If your solemniser is unable to assist you please contact us.

For helpful advice & information about getting married in Ireland, please contact us at:    info (at) earthspiritualist (dot) ie

Contact details for HSE Civil Registration Service:  https://www2.hse.ie/services/births-deaths-and-marriages/contact-a-civil-registration-service.html

Visa – Automatic 2-month Extension Granted

If your visa is/was due to expire from March 20th to May 20th inclusive, you have been given an automatic 2 month extension of your visa, so you will not be given permission for an essential marriage during the pandemic restricted period.  Your visa extension will allow you to more time postpone your marriage to a later date where you can celebrate your marriage safely with your family and friends.

For latest details of this automatic visa extension due to pandemic, please refer to “Notice 5” of the Immigration Department press release which can be found on their website here:   www.inis.gov.ie

Postponing Your Marriage

If you need to postpone your marriage, first contact your solemniser to make sure they are available for your new date.   Once you have your solemniser confirmed you will need to contact your nearest HSE Civil Registration Office to advise them of your new marriage date, there will be a form for you to fill in, and they will need to reprint your MRF for you.  (you will find it inside your Green Folder)

HSE Civil Registration Service contact details are here:  https://www2.hse.ie/services/births-deaths-and-marriages/contact-a-civil-registration-service.html

Government Pandemic Exit Roadmap

Government Roadmap to Pandemic exit can be found here: