Wisdom Teachings

Our Wisdom Teachings are taught in the Earth Spiritualist tradition,  which means our teachings are suitable for everyone without discrimination.

Our Wisdom Teachings include:

  • Regular spiritual practice
  • Meditation for Health & Wellbeing
  • The 6 Principles of Daily Life:
    – Gratitude
    – Happiness
    – Love
    – Kindness
    – Honesty
    – Respect


Contributions towards candles and room costs are welcome, but completely optional.

Spiritual Practice

We hold regular meetings for spiritual practice at our centre in Cork City on South Mall.

  • Devotional singing and meditation.
  • Study groups and meditation.
  • Cultural celebration according to the Celtic tradition & the Celtic calendar.
  • Pilgrimages to various sacred sites for prayer, meditation and connection to nature.

Meetings are either at our centre in Cork City,  on Zoom or outdoors at various sacred pilgrimage sites.

Inner Self Meditation

Learn to meditate for inner peace with this 4-week course.   A one and a half hour class each week for four weeks, you will learn the essential tips and techniques to make meditation super easy!   Even if you have already tried to meditate and just couldn’t get it to work, this class is ideal for anyone who would like to meditate like a Guru with ease!

Schedule for 2021

We are currently working to provide you with online study options using video conference education.  Stay tuned!



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